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Nikko Bali News - August 2011

Nikko Bali Resort and Spa release 144 sea turtle babies back to the ocean

Turtle Release

It has been a blessed year for Nikko Bali Resort and Spa as a total of five sea turtle nests were discovered on the beaches of the resort. With more than 500 eggs up to date, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa has taken care of these nests and seen more than 400 eggs hatched. The eggs are highly sensitive to climate and weather conditions, hence it is quite common that not all the eggs will hatch successfully.

The resort has just welcomed a record number of 114 baby sea turtles from two nests and released them on Thursday, August 25. Guests, especially children, were excited about this huge number of hatchlings and enthusiastically lined up along the beach where a secure line was installed. On cue, all guests released these hatchlings on the soft sand and cheered them as they made their way to the Indian Ocean.

Prayers and hopes sent them on their way so that one day the surviving turtles will find their way back to the same beach to continue the circle of life.

Nikko Bali Resort and Spa elevates your vacation a STEP UP with an array of activities and excursions at your disposal

diving equipment

What’s to tell about a destination? A lot. But there are times when you just don't seem to get enough information from the internet or elsewhere. You could simply contact your travel agent to help you arrange activities for you but better yet contact your hotel and ask them to prepare these for you; who knows the destination better than the hotel anyway?

Thinking of this common problem faced by travelers - and the underexposure of the great things to do in Bali - Nikko Bali Resort and Spa decided to create a media for the guests to actually learn more about the island through the activities and excursions available. Working together with selected companies on the island, the resort created a team of well-trained tour desk attendants who can recommend any suitable activity.

"Guests often ask us what can they see and do here on the island. It is apparent that they do not get enough information on this" said Nengah Widiasa, the Front Office Manager of Nikko Bali Resort and Spa. Aside from this, there is also the issue of illegal guides that approach tourists on the streets and offer them activities which can unfortunately have no insurance, no security guarantee - and hotels in the end have to face complaints made by guests pertaining to this matter.

"We've handpicked these companies based on the standard safety issue that we have - ensuring our guests a well organized activity with good quality products and services" explained Stephen Froggatt, the Director of Rooms of Nikko Bali Resort and Spa' "Each company has undergone a thorough inspection and try-outs, they are also willing to comply to our policy, ensuring the best treatment for our guests - in relation to their safety, security and enjoyment."

Nikko Bali Resort and Spa's tour desk is located in the lobby. Guests can easily go to the counter and will have the liberty of browsing through the list of activities or request for a suggestion from the well trained team. Prior to arrival, guests can also request to have activities designed for them during their trip to Bali.

"It's just something we do to assist our guests and to help ensure they have the best holiday experience possible" said Stephen.

In the midst of the competitive culinary world, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa rises with a mission to keep tradition alive through a spread of Japanese culinary heritage


When faced with dining options, we often select those we are comfortable with - thus we often steer clear of the traditional type of cooking and settle for a soul satisfying (and often less nutritious) options such as fast food. Despite these changes, some nations remain true to their roots and uphold their traditions with pride, generations after generations, one of which is Japan.

Kenji Maeda is one chef who believes that authenticity has to be kept alive. Working as the Japanese Chef of Nikko Bali Resort and Spa, he is currently in charge of Benkay Japanese Restaurant, the signature restaurant of the resort. Since June 2011, he has introduced a new twist to the classic Sunday Brunch by featuring classic items - which are uniquely decorated to that particular Japanese standard. Each week from 11.00 am to 03.00 pm, he and his team will produce more than 20 authentic dishes along with several classic brunch items around the large teppan-yaki counter. Some of the signature items for his brunch are steamed salmon wrapped with green tea soba and nori sheet, okonomiyaki (traditional Japanese pancake) and the succulent egg custard or chawanmushi.

Around the corner you can find him creating more authentic dishes at the sushi/sashimi counter as he prepares everything by hand - and it's always fascinating to see how the sushis are prepared. You can find mostly cold dishes here, including the sweet and sour inari sushi, sushi rolls - try the Benkay roll with the smoked salmon and cream cheese, or the unique temaki sushi (hand-rolled sushi, shaped like a cone) along with unique dishes like the roasted egg plant and Japanese style poached egg. If you're lucky, Chef Kenji might just cook his roasted salmon cheek - as strange as it sounds, this is very juicy and amazingly delicious.

So next Sunday, go south to Nusa Dua and try out their Sunday brunch that also come with a free flow of green tea (hot or iced) and a carafe of Sake (or one bottle of beer for those who are not into sake). You can also go with your kids and get a "day in paradise" pass to have a fun day out at their swimming pool and semi-secluded beach. Our tips? Choose to sit in the back of the restaurant, facing the ocean - the view is amazing!

Nikko Bali Resort and Spa celebrated the nation's independence

Indonesia Independence Day

Being one of Indonesia's most significant historical moments, Independence Day (August 17) has always been the nation's most celebrated day of the year. You may find different kinds of celebrations throughout Indonesia where people adapt the local tradition into each event.

Keeping up the traditions, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa celebrated this special occasion by holding their annual flag raising ceremony, attended by the resort's employees and management. The ceremony was soon followed by the cutting of Nasi Tumpeng. This is a traditional symbol of gratitude in the form of turmeric infused rice shaped into a cone with side dishes like fried chicken, stir-fried potatoes and potato cakes.

During the celebration, the resort's management awarded some of the employees with a loyalty award for those who have worked for 10 and 15 years. A record total of 300 employees received this honor and acknowledgement.

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