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Nikko Bali News - May 2011

The birth of sea turtles and a new nest found on the beach of Nikko Bali Resort and Spa

turtle release

Welcoming a new life to the world is always a miraculous event to anyone, especially when it involves endangered species such as the sea turtles.

After nurturing a sea turtle nest found on the beach a couple of months back, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa recently welcomed 50 baby turtles of the Olive Ridley species - the most abundant sea turtle in the world, estimated at several hundred thousand female Olive Ridleys today. These cute little turtles hatched from a nest found in March and out of 81 eggs, there are still 29 that haven't hatched yet. The hatching period of these eggs can take up to 60 days and temperature of the sand around the nests determines the sex of the sea turtles that hatch from it. The hotter the sand, the less incubation time and the more female sea turtles will hatch. These babies will be released back into the sea on Tuesday, May 24th from the beach of the resort, with participation of in-house-guests - under the supervision of the Badan Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, May 19th, another nest was found not far from the existing one, with more than 90 eggs in it - suspected to be from the same species. These eggs are expected to hatch in July.

Nikko Bali Resort and Spa also discovered two turtle nests last year from the same species and released them back to the ocean in June and August of 2010.

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