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Nikko Bali News -February 2011

A language training for Nikko Bali Resort and Spa associates as the resort's effort to take their services another STEP UP

Russian Exposure

FEBRUARY 2011 - NUSA DUA, BALI. Being one of the top holiday destinations in the world, the Island of the Gods, Bali welcomes more and more tourists from all around the world. With this increasing number of visitors, new challenges also surfaced, especially in communication.

Hiring a native speaker as the bridge of communication between the hotel and the guests is one of the strategies to get feedbacks and comments. However, with the high human interaction in this industry, especially in the front line of the business, e.g. reception and restaurants, hotel staff are required to be able to master, at the very least, basic daily conversation. In response to this need, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa created a language learning program for its associates. For the past few years they have been learning Japanese and English. "The program is proven to be a successful one as those who participated are now more confident when dealing with our Japanese and English speaking guests" explained Made Subaga, Training Manager of Nikko Bali Resort and Spa.

The program this year is Russian. Twice a week 15 associates meet up for an 1.5 hour session of intensive language training, basic daily conversation and common terms used for hotels. "We believe at the rate we are going, these associates will be able to explain, at the very least, the hotel facilities and activities and perhaps a little about the island in Russian as soon as this first class ends" said Subaga.

This is another STEP UP action taken by Nikko Bali Resort and Spa to continue giving the best quality of service to its guests and a career development program for its associates.

Nikko Bali Resort and Spa associates gave a helping hand to support the victims of Mount Merapi eruption through Bali Hotels Association

nikko bali social visit

FEBRUARY 2011 - NUSA DUA, BALI. A helping hand is always needed. No matter who, when and where, a little help can go a long way.

Although the unfortunate natural disaster of Mount Merapi has passed, facts show that the victims still need help to rebuild their lives. A video of a recent donation visit showed the devastating situation at two villages that were totally destroyed by the eruption - one was buried under the lava flow that went straight through the village.

Nikko Bali Resort and Spa, through its associates, has recently organized a collection. This donation money will be given to the victims through Social Welfare Activity Coordination of Badung area (Koordinasi Kegiatan Kesejahteraan Sosial - K3S). "We asked our associates to lend a helping hand by donating some money for the victims and the response was great. Each day, since we've installed the donation boxes, more and more money was contributed. Hotel guests were also invited to participate and the idea was well received" explained Made Erawathi, Director of Human Resources.

Throughout the year, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa has held and programmed several social activities, including a recent visit to an orphanage. Soon another visit is planned along with the annual scholarship program to the local elementary school in Sawangan area.

Nikko Bali Resort and Spa receives the prestigious "Eco Hotel" certification

eco hotel bali

February 2011 - Nusa Dua, Bali With current issues of global warming, waste management and saving energy, it is no wonder that a large organization like Nikko Bali Resort and Spa has decided to do its part for a better future - for life and for the organization itself.

Throughout 2010, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa has invested in many environmental programs, new facilities and policies, as well as creating a campaign called "Nikko Bali Goes Green". Two turtle releases were done from nests found on the beach of the resort, continuous cleaning campaigns on the beach and surrounding area involving the local community; a local organization and internal campaigns to its associates to preserve energy and minimizing waste. Nikko Bali Resort and Spa also recently created a unique twist to the regular holiday hampers by creating an environmentally friendly gift for its partners using bio degradable materials and organic products.

Recently, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa went through an audit process in regards to these environmental policies and programs by TUV Rheinland ( to achieve the ECO HOTEL certification. The ECO HOTEL is a certification specially developed for the hotel that has taken measures to be environmentally friendly and minimizing its impact on the environment. Based on the audit result, Nikko Bali Resort and Spa has tremendously excelled in environmental activities, energy saving and safety issues. And within the next few days, TUV Rheinland, represented by the top management staffs of the company, is planned to officially announce the result and present the ECO HOTEL certificate to Nikko Bali Resort and Spa.

Along with this prestigious award, in 2010 Nikko Bali Resort and Spa has also received the ASEAN Green Hotel Standard award for the second time.

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